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I figured I would throw up a video every now and again showcasing some foolish foods I think about and sometimes construct. Subscribe, Share, Thumbs up! All that cool stuff

Hashbrown buns bacon cheeseburger

Nashbrown buns bacon cheeseburger

I made another hash brown bun burger. This one needed bacon, muenster, and swiss. I made the buns with tater tots I had and some cheeses. I mashed it all together and griddled it so it would stick together. Yep, those nuts in the back are mine! It was superb. I ate it on parchment paper because I’m one fancy ass plateless tonight.


Hungry for a Burger? In Cambridge, MA? No Problem

Cambridge, MA Burgers

It looks like we’ve got some work to do…

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This would be Pastrami Reuben Steak Fry Nachosies?

Pastrami Reuben Steak Fry Nachos

Maybe? Give me some credit… I made my own dressing. Actually, it’s not really “dressing” but…

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Montella (homemade Nutella)

Montella (Home made Nutella)

Yeah, it’s awesome. I made it. You can reward me with your dwellings……………. whatever that means.
What’s in it?…….. (continue reading…)

Not sure what to call these – baseball burgers?

burger balls in mitts

Hi, again!(?) Well, these are basically burger balls. There’s American and Munster cheese inside and they are seasoned with salt and pepper.  I used grass fed beef (already pattied, haha loser!) and used a Mission white corn (the soft ones) tortilla as the “mitt”. Is it a keeper? (continue reading…)

Say hi to my Dark Ketchup!

Dark Ketchup - Grubdude

So, I make my own ketchup. What’s your super power? I love ketchup and always thought to myself: what makes ketchup so ketchup-y? What is THAT ingredient that makes it to tongue tickling and, makes anything you put on it THAT MUCH BETTER? Reading bottles and doing some research on my own, I came up with my own recipe and it’s awesome, if I do say so myself. AND I DO!  If you want to sample some of my awesome Dark Ketchup, the best way to contact me is through my Facebook page at this time. I know, I know, get your stuff together Grubdude! I will, eventually. Hey, making the best small-batch ketchup in the world (well, really small, and it’s MY world, so…) takes time and effort and energy! At least I know you’ll love it!

Oh, here is a nice and boring video of me stirring up some Dark Ketchup on The YouTubes. Enjoy!


Popovers or Yorkshire Pudding?


There’s nothing like having 35 minutes on your hands that you don’t know what to do with.  Why 35 minutes? 

  • 2 minutes to prepare the batter
  • 30 minutes to cook the popovers
  • 3 minutes to eat them all.

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Potato chip pepperoni pizza nachos


Work with what ya got. It’s actually made with Chorizo, but I didn’t want anyone to cry about it.

Falafel Waffle Tuna Melt

This is a homemade falafel waffle tuna melt with spicy pickles and homemade Big Mac sauce. And bacon. Because I don’t give a care!

Check it out!

Falafel Waffle Tuna Melt

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