Yo. There is now such a thing called Pretzel-Naan.

My recipe was inspierd by Andrea Meyers!

I are responsible.

So there I was:  thinking. As usual, on now I might be able to combine my favorite things so I could ear more at once. THEN! I remembered – I have changed my eating habits. Shux!

Anyway, I love making my own bread now, but there are some things you just have to get from a PRO.  So I do – two of those things being Indian Naan bread and soft Pretzels. But! This does not mean I can’t make the first (I think) ever Pretzel-Naan! And since it will BE the first, it will be the best (to me). So I did.

As you may have guessed, I took a Pretzel recipe, and a tried-and-true authentic Naan recipe and simply combined the mixing and baking process.  Now obviously, I do not have a Tandoor, so I used the greatest thing ever (what else?) a FribraMent baking stone!

Basically, I my awesome bread mix, which has bread flour, whole  graham wheat, flax-meal (for texture and healthiness), and added the Pretzel attitude, but also the smoothness of Naan.  Yes, it worked the first time – yes it’s awesome and NO I did not take any photos. OOPS. It’s STILL rising in a nice dry place.  Soon, I will eat it all.  TO tantalize the taste buds, I scoured Guugle for something poofy and pretzel-like. Here you go (for now)…

My inspiration comes from Andrea!

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