Not sure what to call these – baseball burgers?

burger balls in mitts

Hi, again!(?) Well, these are basically burger balls. There’s American and Munster cheese inside and they are seasoned with salt and pepper.  I used grass fed beef (already pattied, haha loser!) and used a Mission white corn (the soft ones) tortilla as the “mitt”. Is it a keeper?

Pretty much. I mean, it’s a burger for crying out loud. It’s more of a novelty and I wanted to use the beef in some different sort of way than what I typically do (stick them in my waffle iron).  Oh, all that cheese… (who’s complaining, again?) I also dropped a round slice of Provolone on the tortilla, so it is in between that and the burger ball. I served them up with some Dark Ketchup and fries I made later. Sorry, no shots of that stuff, you’ve seen it all before!

I think next time, I will try to incorporate some sort of potato based mitt instead of the tortilla. IT JUST MAKES SENSE. Shredded hash brown nest mitt?  Tater-tot mitt? Maybe I will just smash some french fries together and call it. We’ll see next time, suckas!

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