This would be Pastrami Reuben Steak Fry Nachosies?

Pastrami Reuben Steak Fry Nachos

Maybe? Give me some credit… I made my own dressing. Actually, it’s not really “dressing” but…

… home made Big Mac sauce… BUT, not just any – this one does not use mayonnaise.  Jealous? You should be: Something I’ve been working on – I figured, what the heck. Also, those red dots/lines are roasted red peppers. I had them, so, eh? Right?  I didn’t have any sauerkraut but, I did have kimchi (you can’t see it but, its hiding under the 1st layer of cheese) so, why not? Gonna kill me? No? Oh good…. The yellow’s are brown and yellow mustards. I love to combine MY MUSTARDS, OK? The fries are actually these curly steak fries my local market sells. Awesome. The picture isn’t that great – sorry! But, it looked even more ravaged after I ate it.


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