Not sure what to call these – baseball burgers?

burger balls in mitts

Hi, again!(?) Well, these are basically burger balls. There’s American and Munster cheese inside and they are seasoned with salt and pepper.  I used grass fed beef (already pattied, haha loser!) and used a Mission white corn (the soft ones) tortilla as the “mitt”. Is it a keeper? Continue reading “Not sure what to call these – baseball burgers?”

Say hi to my Dark Ketchup!

Dark Ketchup - Grubdude

So, I make my own ketchup. What’s your super power? I love ketchup and always thought to myself: what makes ketchup so ketchup-y? What is THAT ingredient that makes it to tongue tickling and, makes anything you put on it THAT MUCH BETTER? Reading bottles and doing some research on my own, I came up with my own recipe and it’s awesome, if I do say so myself. AND I DO!  If you want to sample some of my awesome Dark Ketchup, the best way to contact me is through my Facebook page at this time. I know, I know, get your stuff together Grubdude! I will, eventually. Hey, making the best small-batch ketchup in the world (well, really small, and it’s MY world, so…) takes time and effort and energy! At least I know you’ll love it!

Oh, here is a nice and boring video of me stirring up some Dark Ketchup on The YouTubes. Enjoy!


Chebe Sesame Seed Buns!

Chebe Sesame Seed Buns!

So, I wanted to have a real burger. Some of the pre-made no-wheat breads at the supermarket are okay but there sort of tall and not very wide. There’s not enough room for a big burger that I like!

So I grabbed some Chebe bread mix and wanted to double it, so rather than using two boxes I added what I like to call a secret STABILIZER (WOO) ingredient to improve the texture and not let it poof up like a globe (I DO LOVE THE POOF), but I wanted a flatter bun for my burger).

Well it worked and here you go (Look up!).

Check out Chebe Mixes

What’s that? You want to know the secret? Aaah, I’ll tell ya later.

The brown specs you see here are NOT burnt sesame seeds. The mix calls for cheese (I use a mixture of them for balance and flavor and to provide saltiness), and so what you see are the hard cheeses blistering through the bulbous crust (awesome word) formation of the bun!


Pao de Queijo bread bowl pizza!

post bake - awesome

Now, if you know me (and you don’t but keep reading) you know I love pizza but, I also gave up gluten.

My Brazilian friend told me about Pao de Queijo and made some for me.  It was the closest  taste
and texture to wheat flour bread I’ve had. EXCITING RIGHT?

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Gringo surf and turf


This is a big ass tuna melt on pizza dough with pepperoni, provolone and Swiss cheese.

Its so massive it needs to be home together with a can of soda and a bottle of water. I don’t even know what atomic equation that could be, but it sure felt good going down.

Hots on top to straighten out your chest congestion.

Pizza Dough Pretzel Rolls


I saw this on the You-of-Tube and, had to try it!  Mine are only slightly different because I topped them with an “everything bagel” seasoning I made.  I have been looking for a GOOD pretzel dough recipe for ever and have a few but this one really takes it. PIZZA DOUGH. Simple – and they came out awesome.

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