Best breakfast sandwich ever!

This is THE BEST breakfast sandwich for me for many reasons. Its sweet, gooey, and it has peanut butter. That goes a long way right there!

I suggest you try it at least a dozen times within the next few days¬† and throw in some marshmallow fluff or raspberry preserves for good measure in order to make¬†sure. Here are your instructions…

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Grubdude Blog Launches!

Circa 1990
Circa 1990

Welcome to Boston Food Club. A site where new friends get together to talk food, share recipes and submit tasty food experiments (also known as recipes) for all to see. If you are local (Boston, DuH!) You can join the get together and share some good food with other members.

The BFC will also review diners and the “mom & pop” places around New England for share food experiences with each other. Kitchen and backyard food gadgets will also be reviews (by me or you!) and your culinary stories shared. We will also be creating videos in the Grubdude kitchens of your recopies certifying you (our beloved members) as first class amateur tv cooks! Think of it as SNL meets the Food Network. It’s all about laughing with your mouth full! So, if you are interested, drop us a line and lets get going! Oh, a few more things… if you want to write or review for BCF or come aboard as a technical or food consultant, click that contact link! If you have any video you would be appropriate for BFC or have a YouTube Food channel, get that info to me!

Let’s Eat..