French Fries Plantain Waffle.


It may not look like much (or burned!), but, packed deep from withinside the crevices is a french fry plantain pimento cheese and smoked ham waffle. Smooshy-smashed and, almost bustipated my waffle iron.


I also put some of my home made KETCHUP, which is way better than anything you’ll ever taste unless you tasted mine.


The best chocolate cup recipe in the universe

Rawkolate Cups

OK, I am not a fanatic or anything about sweets or deserts, but I must say, this food invention I have here is the best thing since the last best thing (whatever that was). 

This concoction happens to be raw, vegan, and gluten free. I am NONE of these things, FYI, though the recipe is totally sick. You might even call it sexual. You might! 

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Chebe Sesame Seed Buns!

Chebe Sesame Seed Buns!

So, I wanted to have a real burger. Some of the pre-made no-wheat breads at the supermarket are okay but there sort of tall and not very wide. There’s not enough room for a big burger that I like!

So I grabbed some Chebe bread mix and wanted to double it, so rather than using two boxes I added what I like to call a secret STABILIZER (WOO) ingredient to improve the texture and not let it poof up like a globe (I DO LOVE THE POOF), but I wanted a flatter bun for my burger).

Well it worked and here you go (Look up!).

Check out Chebe Mixes

What’s that? You want to know the secret? Aaah, I’ll tell ya later.

The brown specs you see here are NOT burnt sesame seeds. The mix calls for cheese (I use a mixture of them for balance and flavor and to provide saltiness), and so what you see are the hard cheeses blistering through the bulbous crust (awesome word) formation of the bun!