Mustard + Containers = photoshoot


Sure, so I took this photo and dolled it up in PicSay on my Android phone


I have this THING for Mustards. And Containers. Specifically ones that have snapping things on them to keep things … contained.

I also have this THING for my Android phone, and when the mood strikes (Wutaah!) I like to photoshoot something with it.

You MUST love Android, and containers and Mustard to appreciate mobile container condiment computing. If you don’t, you are missing out!

Hotdog Sangwich

hotdog sangwich

That’s right – I said SANGWICH. A sandwich is more than just bread and meat. It’s a crazy big dinosaur of a thing with awesome bread, and other tasty bits. So, here is mine: Hotdog SanGwich!

I was at the supermarket today walking aimlessly trying to find something good to eat. I bought bread, and cheese, some more cheese… then I walked over to the deli, and that’s when it hit me…

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