Hashbrown buns bacon cheeseburger

Nashbrown buns bacon cheeseburger

I made another hash brown bun burger. This one needed bacon, muenster, and swiss. I made the buns with tater tots I had and some cheeses. I mashed it all together and griddled it so it would stick together. Yep, those nuts in the back are mine! It was superb. I ate it on parchment paper¬†because I’m one fancy ass plateless tonight.


Hotdog Sangwich

hotdog sangwich

That’s right – I said SANGWICH. A sandwich is more than just bread and meat. It’s a crazy big dinosaur of a thing with awesome bread, and other tasty bits. So, here is mine: Hotdog SanGwich!

I was at the supermarket today walking aimlessly trying to find something good to eat. I bought bread, and cheese, some more cheese… then I walked over to the deli, and that’s when it hit me…

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