The Book


SO, I decided to write a book. A cook book. I know, how HARD can it be?  Since I have been cooking as long as I have been able to eat, I figure it can’t be too difficult. Evidently, yes it is. 

By trade, I am a technical engineer (Ha, ha, OK) and write a lot of technical instructions, manuals and things like that. So this is how my cookbook will be  done.  So with that in mind, if you don’t follow the instructions, you might blow up your house – but probably not.  Just be careful. Cooking and stuff can be hazardous.

The above image is what it might look like. I say MIGHT because I might get a face lift, or buy a treadmill. I expect it to be finished and available by Fall 2010. So until then, you will either starve, or keep coming back to this space for updates!

Estimated time to publish: probably never. Until then, keep up here and, on Facebook (link above)

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